Clear and simple: Our new tariff structure

Reliable, attractive, simple: these are the basic principles of Carsharing by CFL - Flex. This starts with our user prices, which we now have made even clearer for you. You now know even better how much you are paying - and what you are paying for.

Uniform hourly and kilometre prices

In concrete terms, we have given our tariff model an even clearer structure in two key areas:

The monthly basic costs of subscriptions for private individuals - Flex Basic, Flex Gold, Flex Gold + -, as well as for the Flex Bizz package - remain unchanged. And the general character of the four subscriptions remains the same:

Transparency, availability, reliability

With this new tariff model, we are responding to a high demand from you, our approximately 1,300 customers. During our first year, you repeatedly asked us for even more transparency. We are sure that the use of our vehicles has now become more attractive for all carsharers.

Speaking of attractiveness: beyond the tariffs, we have gradually become better for you since the beginning of the year, in this case: more available and reliable. In March, we set up two new Flex stations at the Dommeldange train station and in Bonnevoie. At the same time, we equipped the Flex station in Hesperange with an additional vehicle for testing purposes.

Driving pleasure appeals to all users in the long term

Of course FLEX should also be (driving) fun, and this is what our fleet stands for: our Seat Leon and BMW 118 offer a particularly high level of comfort, both in urban and interurban areas, with "traditional" drives. And our BMW i3 are reliable, attractive electric cars which can be recharged at the Flex stations. With all these initiatives, we want to make FLEXible mobility even more of an evidence for everyone by creating an attractive offer that continues on the one hand to bind bus and rail users, and also convinces those who have been travelling with their own vehicle up to now. And in this way we continue to rely on your critical suggestions.