Discover the New FLEX App!

From March 1O, 2O22, carsharing will be even easier, thanks to our updated app. Discover what will change and which new functions will be added, such as keyless vehicle control with your smartphone.

What’s new with the update?

The main advantages:

Easy map navigation
In app damage report
Keyless access
Simple subscription management
Enhanced app security

Learn how it works here

Watch the video below to understand the new features of the App.

New tariff additions for all customers

In the course of the update, we have supplemented the FLEX tariff model. In addition to the two familiar subscriptions (Basic, Gold), you can now choose between four subscriptions (Basic, Basic Plus, Gold, Gold Plus) – all with a maximum term of one month. The subscriptions differ on the one hand in the monthly basic fee, and on the other hand in the options for liability reductions in the event of damage. You can find all details here:

Download the new FLEX App!

What are you waiting for? Get ahead with us and travel flexibly across Luxembourg by downloading the Flex app. And if you are already a customer, please make sure you update the app correctly

Frequently asked questions

    • Where can I go if I have problems with the installation, the profile transfer or other issues?

      First, please check if your question is answered by the following Q&A. Additionally, our customer service team can always be reached at or via the hotline (+352) 2883 3882.

    • How do I get the FLEX App update on my smartphone?

      It’s very simple; start the old Flex app on your smartphone and confirm the message for the update. If this message does not appear, please uninstall the old app and simply search for the “FLEX Carsharing” app in the Apple App Store / Google Play Store on your smartphone and download it.

    • What needs to be updated to make a booking with the new FLEX App?

      As soon as the new app is ready, each customer will receive an activation link by email. This will allow existing account data (e.g. bookings) to be automatically transferred by users. They will then be asked to enter a new password. Important: existing credit card information will not be transferred and must also be entered again.

    • What happens to my already created bookings that were planned for the period after the update?

      Confirmed reservations from 11.03. onwards will automatically be transferred to the new app. However, to be on the safe side, please check this again.

    • How can I change the language of the app?

      The language of the FLEX App automatically adapts to the language set on the smartphone and cannot be changed.

    • How can I set a booking on the PC?

      Please navigate to the customer portal at via Login. At the top right of your profile, select a suitable location. All vehicles available at the station will be displayed there. We generally recommend making bookings via the app, as it makes the process easier with numerous other functions.

    • How can I change a subscription?

      You can access the selected subscription at any time via the navigation (three dashes) on the app. There you will find the currently selected subscription under “My profile” at “Select subscription”.

    • What happens to my liability reduction that I have already paid for?

      Customers who have booked a liability reduction for 50€ in the past 6 months will automatically be credited with 50€ travel credit.

      Customers who booked a liability reduction for 50€ 7 months ago will automatically receive a travel credit of 25€ on their Flex account.

      This credit can be activated and used in the booking process in the payment step under “Redeem discount code”.

    • What happens to my travel credit?

      Existing travel credits will be transferred to the new system. The credit can be activated in the booking process in the payment step under “Redeem discount code”.