FLEX Carsharing station number 60 at Kirchberg expands the offer of alternative mobility

In collaboration with Fond Kirchberg, FLEX Carsharing is expanding its network with three new locations, bringing the total number of stations and cars in Luxembourg to 60.

A new carsharing station was inaugurated today in Kirchberg, in the Grünewald district, in the presence of François Bausch, Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Marc Hoffmann, Director of Passenger Transport of the CFL Group and Jürgen Berg, Managing Director of CFL Mobility and operator of FLEX. The car-sharing service, which started in 2018 with 20 stations, now operates, including the three new ones on the Kirchberg plateau, a total of 60 locations throughout the country. This growth is no coincidence: „In 2021 alone, FLEX Carsharing again recorded an increase of more than 50% in its customers and a 60% rise in reservations. In 2021, our customers travelled more than one million kilometres with our FLEX vehicles“, said Jürgen Berg at the opening ceremony. In existing and future residential areas, citizens are thus offered a flexible and economical alternative to the private car. „One less car and one less parking space means one or two more rooms for the children,“ explained Jürgen Berg.

Car-sharing as an alternative to the (second) private car

For new projects, the Kirchberg Fund wants to integrate car-sharing as an alternative to the private car in all its urban developments right from the start. By combining different means of transport, it is possible to reduce the number of parking spaces per dwelling, while allowing residents to use a car in a flexible way. With this in mind, the Kirchberg Fund is working with CFL Mobility and FLEX, which already operate two car-sharing stations on the Kirchberg Plateau, namely in the „Place de l’Europe“ and „Gernsback“ car parks, to which three new stations have now been added by the Kirchberg Fund on its properties.

The three new sites are located

Car-sharing as part of the multimodal mobility strategy in Kirchberg

The national strategy for sustainable mobility places great emphasis on the diversification of modes of transport with a judicious use of the car within the framework of multimodal mobility. The Kirchberg Fund is fully committed to this approach and is adapting its urban development projects by offering a wide range of transport modes on the Kirchberg Plateau. The overall objective is to create a district of short distances where the use of the car is no longer predominant. Car-sharing makes an important contribution to this.

All urban projects in the Kirchberg Fund that are currently being planned provide for the relocation of cars parked on the public highway to neighbourhood garages for collective use. These garages bring together all the parking spaces to meet the needs of residents and visitors and function as „Mobility Hubs“ offering a multitude of mobility-related services, including car-sharing.

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