FLEX Carsharing in Strassen: a great offer for sustainable mobility

The name says it all. As a car-sharing service for Luxembourg, FLEX offers a wide range of benefits to suit a wide variety of users. The geographic location of the respective municipality as well as its population structure plays a role in the way the cars are used, as Nico Pundel, Mayor of Strassen, points out.

Citizens use flexible mobility solutions

FLEX, CFL mobility’s car-sharing service, has been available in Strassen since June 2021 – and has been directly and successfully accepted by the citizens. For Nico Pundel, who has held the mayor’s office since that year February, this is no surprise: “We have an international population with a foreigner breakdown of around 65 percent. Many of our residents have previously lived in environments where modern mobility solutions are already a reality. These people are naturally particularly open to flexible solutions where the car is one of several options in the mobility chain.”

For many citizens of Strassen, Nico Pundel continues, a car is a utility item that people fall back on when they really need it, e.g., for a shopping trip or an outing with the family with more luggage. “Many people use the car when it makes sense. In many situations, other means of transport such as the bicycle or the e-bike as well as public transport are more popular. And this is by far not only true for our foreign fellow citizens, but also for many Luxembourgers living here. The younger generations in particular no longer see their own car as an indispensable status symbol.”

Car sharing complements bus, train and bicycles

The mobility mix in Strassen is possible because of the proximity to the capital and the existing range of other mobility options. Nico Pundel says: “Because we in Strassen are connected to the public transport network of Luxembourg City as well as many regional lines, our residents can be sure that there is almost always a bus running promptly. And then we have E-Veloh stations, so that every citizen can use the means of transport that suits them best.

In this context, FLEX rounds off the existing offer in useful way, Nico Pundel continues: “If you put all the possibilities together, there is now even less reason than before in Strassen to have three cars in the garage with two or more driving licences in the household. Those days are over; the mindset has fundamentally changed there in recent years, not least for ecological reasons.”

There is consensus on FLEX in Strassen

No wonder, then, that there is political consensus in Strassen when it comes to car sharing. Already in the 2017 municipal election campaign, all parties had the flexible mobility solution in their programme, says Nico Pundel. Four years later, after detailed planning, parking stations were set up at two locations. One of them is located directly at the town hall. The other is in the residential area Cité Pescher.

From both locations, carsharing users will have access to needs-based individual mobility throughout Luxembourg at the usual rates and conditions. This is because the vehicles can be reserved nationwide via the FLEX App, and of course the same applies to the cars – or vans, which are now also on offer – at the more than 60 stations in the Grand Duchy.

Eco-conscious, cost-efficient and fun to use

According to Nico Pundel, all this contributes to the fact that “his” citizens have accepted the offer from the very beginning – all the more so because it also combines environmental consciousness and fun: “The very concept of only using a car when it is really needed shows a sense of responsibility. Instead of parking spaces, the area can be used for other purposes. In addition, the fleet of vehicles offered is modern and particularly efficient – and, above all, really fun to drive. The best example here is the E-Mini.” With this in mind, the graduated mechanical engineer with many years of professional experience in the field of innovative mobility is convinced that CFL mobility’s car sharing solution FLEX represents an attractive overall package for many municipalities with versatile added value for their citizens.

Flex in Strassen at a glance


  • Strassen – Commune
    62 Rue des Romains
  • In a residential area near Route d’Arlon
    Rue Mathias Saur 22


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