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FLEX Carsharing
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The best way to drive, without ownership

We offer you an easy and accessible way to rent a car for short and medium distance trips. The modern selection ranges from fun to drive electric Minis, compact Audi A3s and BMW 118i up to a spacious Fiat Talento van and more, available at our stations throughout Luxembourg. The smart part? Save money, as you only pay for a car when you actually use it.

Spare the hassle and simply pick up a FLEX near you via our App (Apple iOS | Google Android)

How does Car sharing work?

Download the FLEX Carsharing App and register
Have your driving licence at hand and set up your driver profile. The validation will be done swiftly within our office hours (Mon.-Fri. O8:OO-18:OO).
Reservation & Confirmation
Choose between different vehicles throughout Luxembourg in the FLEX App. You will receive an immediate confirmation of your booking.
Drive on demand
Use FLEX anywhere in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Fuel costs, insurance, cleaning and service are included in the price!
Return to starting point
Before the end of your reservation, return the vehicle to its original station on time. Then simply end your journey in the FLEX app. Car sharing is that easy!
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Features and benefits of the app

Easy map navigation
In app damage report
Keyless access
Simple subscription management

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download the FLEX App:

Discover our fleet

The FLEX fleet features modern state-of-the-art vehicles, combining both practicality and eco friendliness.

Renault Express

  • Engine: Diesel
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Loading Space


  • Engine: Electric
  • Gearbox: Automatic

Mini Electric

  • Engine: Electric
  • Gearbox: Automatic

BMW 118i

  • Engine: Petrol
  • Gearbox: Automatic

VW ID Buzz Cargo

  • Engine: Electric
  • Gearbox: Automatic

Skoda Enyaq

  • Engine: Electric
  • Gearbox: Automatic

Audi A3 Sportback

  • Engine: Petrol
  • Gearbox: Automatic

Audi A1

  • Engine: Petrol
  • Gearbox: Automatic

Cupra Leon ST

  • Engine: Petrol
  • Gearbox: Automatic

Fiat Talento

  • Engine: Diesel
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Height: 2m15
  • Loading Space


All rates include fuel, insurance, cleaning (internal and external), revisions and our 24/7 FLEX Servicecenter.

*Subscriptions are extended automatically on each due date by the respective period. Please refer to our Tariff terms for details.

Fairplay Rules and Charges for FLEX Use

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Do you have any further questions?

Consult our support for frequently asked questions or contact us at (+352) 2883 3882

    • The charging cable cannot be removed, what do I have to do?

      The charging cable is always locked during charging or when the vehicle is locked. Therefore, first open the vehicle via the app, then the charging cable can first be removed from the vehicle. Close and open the vehicle again in case that it still cannot be removed.

    • Where can I go if I have problems with the installation, the profile transfer or other issues?

      First, please check if your question is answered by the following Q&A. Additionally, our customer service team can always be reached at or via the hotline (+352) 2883 3882.

    • How do I get the FLEX App update on my smartphone?

      It’s very simple; start the old Flex app on your smartphone and confirm the message for the update. If this message does not appear, please uninstall the old app and simply search for the “FLEX Carsharing” app in the Apple App Store / Google Play Store on your smartphone and download it.

    • What needs to be updated to make a booking with the new FLEX App?

      As soon as the new app is ready, each customer will receive an activation link by email. This will allow existing account data (e.g. bookings) to be automatically transferred by users. They will then be asked to enter a new password. Important: existing credit card information will not be transferred and must also be entered again.

    • What happens to my already created bookings that were planned for the period after the update?

      Confirmed reservations from 11.03. onwards will automatically be transferred to the new app. However, to be on the safe side, please check this again.

    • How can I change the language of the app?

      The language of the FLEX App automatically adapts to the language set on the smartphone and cannot be changed.

    • How can I set a booking on the PC?

      Please navigate to the customer portal at via Login. At the top right of your profile, select a suitable location. All vehicles available at the station will be displayed there. We generally recommend making bookings via the app, as it makes the process easier with numerous other functions.

    • How can I change a subscription?

      You can access the selected subscription at any time via the navigation (three dashes) on the app. There you will find the currently selected subscription under “My profile” at “Select subscription”.

    • What happens to my liability reduction that I have already paid for?

      Customers who have booked a liability reduction for 50€ in the past 6 months will automatically be credited with 50€ travel credit.

      Customers who booked a liability reduction for 50€ 7 months ago will automatically receive a travel credit of 25€ on their Flex account.

      This credit can be activated and used in the booking process in the payment step under “Redeem discount code”.

    • What happens to my travel credit?

      Existing travel credits will be transferred to the new system. The credit can be activated in the booking process in the payment step under “Redeem discount code”.

    • Do I have to refuel the car after every journey?

      You need to refuel the vehicle if the fuel level is below one third before returning it. Please only use petrol stations that accept DKV fuel cards for payment: a list can be found here. 

    • Our electric vehicles

      At several stations electric vehicles are at your disposal. This video shows how the recharging works and how to proceed. > watch the video <

    • How to refuel

      You don’t have to pay for the fuel yourself, but you do have to fill up using our DKV cards. You can find a list of all petrol stations that accept DKV fuel cards here:  > watch the video <

    • The ride

      In this video we explain what you have to consider before and after the ride. > watch the video <

    • Reservation process

      Start the app, select the station, set day and time, choose your preferred vehicle and drive off! > watch the video <

    • Registration procedure

      “Where do I register?”, “What documents do I need?”, “Can I drive off immediately or do I have to wait for confirmation?”. The video explains the registration process step by step. > watch the video <

    • General information

      The most important information that you should know as a client before making a reservation explained in 40 seconds. > watch the video <

    • FLEX Carsharing easily explained

      How does carsharing work? We explain step by step the individual stages from registration to completed reservation. > watch the video <

    • How do I cancel my FLEX subscription?

      The customer agreement (the subscription) can be cancelled in writing subject by to compliance sending an email to  Irrespective of this, a change of subscription is possible at the current tariff terms of the respective subscription. The termination automatically affects the low excess option, if this has been concluded. 

    • How do I change my existing subscription?

      An “upgrade” (change to a higher-rated subscription) and a “downgrade” (change to a lower-rated subscription) can be selected at any time at your driver profile under “Select subscription”. Both are only possible if the minimum term is adhered to.  For further details, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

    • What driving licence do I need to become a FLEX customer?

      You must be in possession of a driving licence recognized in the EU or present an international driving licence (+ your driving license). As an alternative to the international driving licence, a currentcertificate of residence (+ your driving licence) is also accepted, which your municipality (in Luxembourg) can issue to you.

    • Can I sign up for FLEX if I live in another country?

      Yes, of course. To register for the service, all you need is a valid email address and a credit card.

    • Can I drive a FLEX car to another country?

      Journeys to the following countries next to Luxembourg are allowed: Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, to the exclusion of their territories located outside the European continent. Other trips to foreign countries must be notified and authorised in advance by CFL Mobility. Customers are fully responsible for complying with the vehicle-related statutory provisions, traffic rules and driving licence requirements of the countries concerned, without CFL Mobility incurring any liability.

    • Found property

      If you find someone else’s property inside the car, call the FLEX Servicecenter on (+352) 2883 3882 and we’ll explain what to do next.

    • Lost property

      If you’ve left something inside the car, call the FLEX Servicecenter on (+352) 2883 3882. You’ll get a free 30-minute booking so you can go back and collect your property. You won’t be able to drive the car during this type of booking.

    • Are there any special offers for business customers?

      Here at CFL Mobility, we aim to provide a carsharing service that works. That’s why we deal directly with our customers and potential partners – institutions, businesses and local authorities.

      If you’re interested in FLEX – Carsharing by CFL, please write to us at

    • Where can I recharge an electric car (EV) during my tour?

      You can charge your electric car at any Chargy charging station in Luxembourg using the available charging card from the glove compartment. To find eligible charging stations abroad with the charging card, you can use the enodrive zen map to locate them.

    • The radio isn’t switching off automatically (BMW 118i).

      This is a problem with the vehicle set-up. The radio switches off automatically after 20 minutes.

    • Are FLEX cars winter-ready?

      All FLEX cars undergo a winter service, where we fit winter tyres and add anti-freeze to the screen wash. You’ll also find an ice scraper inside the car.

    • I can’t find one of my invoices. Can I get a copy?

      Yes. Log into the app to view or download your recent FLEX invoices.

    • What does a FLEX invoice look like?

      If you use FLEX, you’ll receive a daily invoice. The fee will be charged to your credit card. You’ll also receive a separate invoice for any fair play charges you’ve incurred. You can see all your invoices and your account balance by logging into the customer portal.

    • Do I need to return the FLEX car with a full tank of fuel?

      The fuel tank must be at least one-third full when you return the car. Fair play charges will apply if you breach this rule. You can find the fuel card in the glove compartment. The PIN code is listed in your active reservation of the vehicle.

    • Do I need to clean my FLEX car?

      It is your responsibility to clean any obvious dirt from the car during your time slot. You are also expected to remove all waste from the car when you return it. Fair play charges will apply if you breach this rule.

    • Can I return the vehicle later?

      No, the timely return of the vehicle guarantees the smooth running of the car sharing system. However, reservation extensions (via app) are possible if the vehicle is not already booked by another person. In the event of late return, CFL Mobility will charge fair play fees accordingly. ATTENTION: Due to mobile network problems, an extension is not possible on a vehicle parked in an underground car park.

    • What should I do when I return the vehicle to the location?

      Place the car in the reserved parking space and turn off the lights and power. Lock the car with your FLEX App. Check if the doors, windows and boot lid are locked. You want to return your car before the end of the reserved time? Don’t forget to end your reservation if you drop off early.

    • The engine does not start. What can I do?

      For security reasons, the immobiliser is activated once the engine has been off for five minutes. Simply lock and reopen the vehicle in the FLEX App using the function Intermediate stop. The vehicle can then be restarted via the ignition.

    • Can I carry my pet in a FLEX car?

      Pets are allowed inside FLEX cars, provided they are kept inside a suitable carrier. Fair play charges will apply if you breach this rule.

    • What should I do if I’m involved in an accident?

      • Stay calm.
      • Call the emergency services on 112.
      • Make the immediate surroundings safe (switch on your hazard lights, deploy the warning triangle).
      • If anyone is injured, move them to a safe place and deliver first aid (there’s a first aid kit inside the car).
      • Inform our FLEX Servicecenter
    • Can I smoke in a FLEX car?

      No. FLEX cars are strictly non-smoking. Fair play charges will apply if you breach this rule.

    • I’m going to be late returning my car. What should I do?

      If you need to keep the car for longer, make sure you amend your booking before the end of your time slot. If that’s not possible, call the FLEX Servicecenter immediately on (+352) 2883 3882. Fair play charges will apply if you return your car late.

    • Can I make reservation changes while driving?

      Yes. You can extend, curtail, cancel or bring forward your booking via the FLEX Carsharing App.

      Attention: In an underground car park, the vehicle has no reception, so reservation changes cannot be made.

    • Can I interrupt my journey and continue later?

      At any time, simply click Interrupt journey in the app, lock the vehicle and unlock it again later and continue driving.

    • What do I have to pay attention to when starting the journey?

      For your own safety, check the following points:

      • Check the vehicle carefully for new damage and report cases directly via the “Report damage” function in the FLEX App. Otherwise you will be liable for damage to the vehicle that you may not have caused yourself. Damage that is already known is marked with a sticker
      • Make all the necessary adjustments in the car before you start the vehicle: adjust the seat and steering wheel to your needs, align the side and rear view mirrors optimally, find your preferred radio station, regulate the temperature, fasten your seat belt, etc.
      • Switch on the lights.
      • In winter, make sure you can see clearly out of all the windows.
      • Pay full attention to the traffic from the start of the journey at the latest.
    • I’ve noticed some damage to the FLEX car before setting off. What do I have to do?

      Please report the damage immediately in the FLEX App using the corresponding function in the booking that is active at the time.

    • What happens if the car I’ve booked isn’t there when I arrive?

      Call the FLEX Servicecenter on (+352) 2883 3882 for immediate assistance.

    • How do I open a FLEX vehicle?

      As soon as a reservation for a vehicle is active, you can open and close it directly with the FLEX App on your smartphone.

    • How do I book a specific model?

      You can choose between certain vehicle when making a reservation.

    • How far in advance do I need to book?

      You can book a car at any time, up to a few minutes before you want to use it. Always leave yourself enough time to return the car promptly. You’ll incur extra charges if you return it late.

    • I would like to change or cancel a reservation. How do I proceed?

      Reservation changes and cancellations are possible at any time via the app. Please note any fair play fees that may apply.

    • Where can I download the FLEX Carsharing App?

      You can download our free app from Google Play or App Store.

    • How do I book a FLEX car?

      You can book a FLEX car online, using the app (iOS or Android), or by calling the FLEX Servicecenter on (+352) 2883 3882.

    • Does the low excess option cover everyone in my household?

      No. FLEX customers must sign up for the low excess individually. The option is tied to your customer number.

    • How much is the deductible?

      The excess is capped at €900 per claim. If you take out our low excess option (for €50 per year), your The deductible depends on the subscription chosen. In the Basic tariff, the deductible is a maximum of €900 per claim. In the Basic Plus and Gold subscription, the maximum is 500€ each, with the option to reduce the amount per trip to 300€ for 0.99€. The Gold Plus subscription already includes a full reduction to a maximum of 300€ per claim.

    • What does the FLEX insurance policy cover?

      As a FLEX customer, you have comprehensive motor insurance covering public liability, unidentified third-party liability (casualty and collision, with excess) and occupant insurance.

    • I think I might have incurred a speeding fine. What happens now?

      CFL Mobility will receive the fine notice. We’ll identify who was driving and pass the information on to the police, who will then contact you directly. Please report the offence to our FLEX Servicecenter in advance on (+352) 2883 3882. CFL Mobility will charge you a handling fee.

    • How do you calculate your charges?

      We calculate charges according to how far you travel and how long you have the car.

    • What do your prices include?

      Our prices per hour and per kilometre are comprehensive. They include fuel, servicing, repairs, insurance, admin, tyre changes, vehicle tax and VAT.

    • Do I have to be a FLEX customer to use the service?

      Yes. Only FLEX customers can use our cars.

    • Can I drop off my car at a different location?

      No, you have to return the FLEX vehicle back to the departure station.

    • Does the FLEX service have any minimum or maximum time limits?

      There is only a maximum usage period of 72 hours. A minimum of 1 hour is fully charged to compensate for the expenses.

    • Where can I find my FLEX customer number?

      Your FLEX customer number will be emailed to you after your online registration. If you lose it, our FLEX Servicecentre can help you by phone (+352) 2883 3882 for assistance.

    • Do I have to be over a certain age to use the FLEX service?

      Yes. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driving licence to use FLEX.

    • What does the insurance policy cover?

      As a FLEX customer, you have comprehensive motor insurance covering public liability, unidentified third-party liability (casualty and collision, with excess) and passenger insurance.

    • Can I return my car later?

      No. The carsharing system relies on users returning their cars on time. You can extend your booking (No, the timely return of the vehicle guarantees the smooth running of the car sharing system. However, reservation extensions (via app) are possible if the car is not already booked by another person. In the event of late return, FLEX charges fair play fees accordingly.

    • Can I drop off my car at a different location?

      No, you have to return the FLEX vehicle to the departure carsharing station.

    • How do you calculate your charges?

      We calculate charges according to how far you travel and how long you have the car.

    • How do I book a vehicle ?

      There are various ways to book a FLEX vehicle: via the app (iOS or Android), via the customer portal (